Careers at Exertis

Exertis is one of the UK's largest and fastest growing technology distribution and specialist service providers. We offer an extensive range of job opportunities across all areas of IT, Communication and home entertainment sectors. Today the Exertis group has over 1,500+ employees across our sites in the UK. With nearly 30% of our staff being sales people, you'll find all of our sites a dynamic environment to work in. There are excellent reward schemes available for employee’s including the chance to win fabulous holidays, days out and extra bonuses.

Open ended commission schemes for sales staff as in the world of Sales the most important thing is how much can you earn. Exertis believes the key to driving a successful sales force is to pay them based on the profit they generate and we pay commission on everything sold. Unlike many companies in our industry we place no ceiling or cap on the commission a Sales person can make. The earning potential of an individual is only limited to the performance of that person.

Why Exertis?

At Exertis, we thrive in a company culture that is driven to deliver more for customers. Our employees are committed, proactive and motivated. This dynamic environment contributes to a thriving growth-focused culture throughout Exertis, providing many career opportunities that span sales, commercial and corporate activities. If you would like to work for one of the fastest growing and successful European technology distributions and specialist services providers in the UK, please view all job opportunities below

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